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    • Multiple Delivery Modes
      Adept Solutions provides customer-focused learning choices in multiple formats and delivery methods, offering businesses and individuals top-quality training that is tailored to meet their specific needs. All learning methods are supported with the tools and resources essential to an enhanced learning experience. As a result, customers have the freedom to choose their own personalized training program from a variety of training products and services that best suits their individual learning style and needs.
    • Traditional Classroom Learning
      Classroom Learning students have their own networked environments, which enable instructors to manage hands-on labs, demonstrations and exercises that mirror the professional environment. Hundreds of high-quality instructor-led classroom courses are available to students at Adept Solutions center located in Harare Zimbabwe.
    • Mentored Learning®
      Mentored Learning is a Microsoft Innovation Award–winning training methodology that allows students to learn at their own pace with a certified instructor. With Mentored Learning®, students choose when they want to study by leveraging flexible learning schedules that free them from being constrained by the traditional 9–5 multiday class schedule.
    • Online ANYTIME Learning
      Online ANYTIME Learning enables information to be delivered in a customized, self-paced format, via the Internet, and features the same content as our world-renowned instructor-led training, from anywhere, anytime.
    • Online LIVE® Learning
      Online LIVE® Learning removes geographical boundaries from learning by bringing students and instructors together synchronously in a virtual live classroom. This innovative program provides students with all of the benefits of being in a dynamic interactive learning environment—while enabling students to study from work, home or at Adept Solutions Center.
    • On-Site Training
      On-Site Training is an excellent solution for organizations that have a group of people with the same training needs. On-site training courses can be delivered “off-the-shelf,” slightly modified or completely customized.
    • Labs on Demand
      Labs on Demand is a real-time cloud-based lab solution that allows students to access their labs anytime and anywhere. Our state-of-the-art, fully configured live lab environment provides students hands-on access to the systems and applications taught in our classrooms, empowering them to learn on their own schedules.
    • Quality Control
      All students of Adept Solutions are invited to complete an online evaluation at the end of their course. The purpose of the evaluation is to gauge the student’s learning experience by answering a series of questions regarding the quality of instruction, facilities and content. This data is then