About Us

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Adept Solutions was incorporated in 2004 offering software and website development services. The company has grown to where now it offers end to end IT solutions for corporates, governmental and non-governmental organisations.

Our passion is to deliver tangible benefits to our customers who have enabled us to weather the stormy busi-ness environment and caused us to survive Zimbabwe's most difficult economic dispensations. As one of Zimbabwe's most established Information Technology companies, Adept Solutions has grown from the days of systems and web development, and now offers a one stop shop for all IT services from Software Licensing, Training, Implementation and Support. Adept Solutions offers an end to end service ensuring that organisa-tions fully benefit from their in ICT Investments.

    To Provide Practical and Innovative IT Solutions that Allow us to Dominate our Markets, Profitably Increase Revenue in Five Years and Top $1 Billion by 2018.
    Empower People Around the World to Succeed Through Innovative IT Solutions. This will be achieved through offering our customers outstanding service and thorough attention to the health of the business at all times and thereby enhancing the value we create for all our stakeholders.
    1. Act with Integrity, Ethics and Honesty.
    2. Celebrate Success and Recognize Outstanding Achievement
    3. Treat Everyone with Respect
    4. Succeed Through Teamwork
    5. Take Initiative and Expect Accountability
    6. Exceed Customer Expectations
    7. Perform with Passion and Commitment to Surpass our Goals